Education Action Teams: 2017-18

Two Action Teams have been formed.

The first team will be focusing on an anticipated 2018 local ballot measures to fund early childhood education and public schools

Second team will  research models for community schools that incorporate extended day and after school/summer programs.

Study on School Choice

In 2014, the Education Team of the Alachua County League completed a statewide study on School Choice with a focus on charter schools. Twenty-one local leagues, which represent 27 Florida counties, participated in the study. Issues studied in the report included charter school missions, management and accountability, conflict of interest, funding and facilities. The Education Team continues to monitor local, state, and national education issues and advocate on behalf of education issues.



"Understanding School Choice"
A Series of Articles Written by LWV of Alachua County Education Team:

LWVAC Study on Charter Schools

"Understanding School Choice in Alachua County Social Impact"
In the third article "Understanding School Choice", we follow the choices that families have made and describe the schools they have chosen. We consider the impact of these decisions on the communities inside and outside of Gainesville and describe social patterns the data provide. Our tools are population shifts, school capacities and social, economic and religious school clusters. We pose questions about the cost effectiveness of the School Choice Program.

"Understanding School Choice in Alachua County: Standards and Accountability"
This is the second article in the School Choice series. The Florida School Choice Program allows more flexibility in how schools are organized and evaluated. Schools may be managed by the state, county school boards and their staffs, by private for-profit, not-for-profit companies, or by religious institutions. Some large, for-profit companies form not-for-profit subsidiaries. Parents themselves may educate their children and organize cooperative home schooling associations. Understanding management and evaluation requirements for School Choice options helps us know how to judge their effectiveness.

"Understanding School Choice in Alachua County: Funding School Choice in Florida"
This is the first article in the School Choice series. Florida has been a leader in developing both public and private school alternative programs to address the challenges of meeting the educational needs of a diverse population. As a result of these many changes, the Alachua County League has begun a study of their financial and social impacts on the county school system. The League will also review the management and evaluation procedures that indicate how these alternative schools fulfill the constitutionally mandated requirement to provide "a uniform, efficient, safe, and high quality system of free public schools that allow students to obtain a high quality education..." as required by the Florida constitution.

School Choice: Glossary of Terms